Acceptance and Freedom: Hypnotherapy and ACT Therapy

Jun 5th, 2012 | Category: Texas Hypnosis Training Videos THE PARADOX Is that when something is ACCEPTED as just being what it is. It then holds no POWER. Depression, loneliness, hunger, fear or even withdrawal become unimportant when accepted. When it becomes unimportant, it becomes just — what is. It is something experienced, rather than something I fight or hate or am restricted by or obsessed with, I can find FREEDOM from suffering. Depression is not a problem. Hunger is not a problem. Withdrawal is not a problem. Loneliness is not a problem. It is only a problem if I make it one. These things let me know I am a Human Being NOT a human doing. Happiness would suck if life had no depression Security would suck if we had no sense of fear to put it in perspective. Difficult time and experiences are a part of any valued path, difficulty, and even pain are not to be avoided if one wants a truly meaningful life. They are simply things to accept, because in acceptance We give it no power to control, and it becomes the pathway to being A FULL HUMAN BEING PARTICIPATING FULLY IN LIFE

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